Best Price Guarantee

Book with us in advance to receive many benefits including our 'Best Value Guarantee'

Best value Guarantee:

We always give the priority to our direct customers. That's why we can guarantee for the best price as well as best value when booking. Even same price with all the channels, you are priority to get more addition benefit such as free room upgrade (if room available), special breakfast menu... etc.

Easy to book, easy to pay:
Booking at Hanoi My Moon Hotel is never be easier. Just leave us a message thru Whatsapp, Messenger or any chatting platform on the internet, you rooms will be prepared 100%. Even you want to modify your bookings or cancel it, we can be flexible. 

Keep our word:
Reputation is number one criterion of business. Everything we say to our customers, we will always keep our word. What we have confirmed, there will be no change if you do not have other requirements


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